I am an orthopedic surgeon specialising in the management of shoulder problems both non-operatively as well as surgically – always endeavouring to minimise the intervention and making it is as effective as possible.  I am passionate about disseminating information to empower sufferers to make the most informed decisions about their treatment. That will be achieved by our website and this blog.


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  1. Dear Sir,

    Please have a look at our web for this case and please give your opinion.


    • Joe de Beer says:

      In my opinion the Congruent arc Latarjet procedure was the correct one for this patient.It seems that is what you perfomed? I trust that the patient is doing well. I see metal objects on the post-operative X-ray apart from the skin clips – those are not anchors are they?

  2. deujieu prince says:

    my sister have a shoulder problem at time her shoulder remove so she need an surgey to repair it. we live in cameroun an we need and appointment with you to repair it. let us no the price .

    • Joe de Beer says:

      Dear Deujleu,
      i will be happy to help your sister with her shoulder as it is my passion to care for problems of the shoulder. Please contact us at my e-mail address (jodebeer@iafrica.com) , tell me more about her problem so that I can get an idea about what she needs. We can then also work on a time schedule for when we can plan it for.

      Best regards,
      Joe de Beer

  3. Deujieu Prince says:

    thank Dr Joe my sister will be with you tomorrow
    Best regards

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