Teaching GP’s shoulder injections

I was involved with the MSD GP workshop today. The event was a Continuous Professional Development event and well organised by the MSD company. To see more than 80 GP’s attending and keen to learn was reassuring and the public should be aware that their doctors spend time and energy to increase their skills.
My job was to teach and demonstrate the techniques of injecting shoulders with Celestone Soluspan ( cortisone) , the indications , the potental complications and most importantly to do it safely and effectively. These techniques can be viewed on our website as well: http://www.shoulderinstitute.co.za/shoulder_injections.php
The participants showed keen interest and ability and I am of the opinion that they will return to their practices being better doctors with their increased skill in dealing with shoulder problems ( and of course with the other joints which were dealt with by other experts on this day-long course

Cortisone injections into the shoulder

The different spaces where injections in the shoulder can be given


About Joe de Beer

I am an orthopedic shoulder specialist. I am passionate to share tools and information with people to empower them to manage their shoulder problems successfully with the least intervention
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